In the twenty two years I have been a homoeopath & holistic therapies practitioner, I feel very privileged to have many success stories and kind words, here are a few of them ....

Emma - London

After a traumatic first pregnancy, I was very anxious about the pregnancy and birth of my second child. 

Anne was recommended to me, she put me on a pregnancy programme specifically designed for my symptoms, the outcome, an easy pregnancy and birth, and a beautiful healthy baby girl. 

ROS - kent

My family and I have been seeing Anne for the last 14 years. Anne has helped us with issues from pregnancy, to newborn, baby, childhood, and more. I highly recommend Anne. 


I can't recommend Anne highly enough.   

I suffered from major panic attacks as a passenger in cars (from a previous trauma)

 I had lost all of my confidence.

 After seeing Anne, and being treated by her, I joined the police force, and I no longer suffer from panic attacks.    

Valerie - Surrey

My son had recurring nightmares, we went to see Anne for homeopathic treatment - it worked!  He no longer has nightmares. Thanks Anne. 

Carol - Surrey

I had a dry persistent cough for months, I tried everything but nothing would clear it. I went to Anne  who cleared it for me, and it hasn't  returned. I am so grateful.   

jonathan - Surrey

I have had sleep problems for years. Anne treated me with homoeopathy, hypnotherapy and reflexology, I am now sleeping well. I recommend Anne Hellinger for holistic treatment.